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Are you studying Sustainable Energy or Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics at DTU?
DTU is looking for a master student in connection with testing a sewage water heat pump for district heating in cooperation with DTI and HOFOR among others. You should have a knowledge about thermodynamics and numerical modelling, be a student at DTU and be conducting your thesis during January to June 2018.


Large electric heat pumps are expected to play an important role towards CO2 neutral district heating systems. Heat pumps can make up a significant supplement to heat production on biomass, and furthermore, electric heat pumps, when operated in a SMART way, can support wind power integration in the overall energy system. However, large heat pumps face a number of barriers preventing a large-scale introduction. A main barrier is the lack of knowledge and operation experiences with suitable heat sources, especially concerning large heat pumps using natural refrigerants and supplying heat above 80 °C, which is often required in large district heating networks. The heat pump in question will test both sewage and seawater, however in this regard the main focus will be on solving the bio film issues that follow the use of sewage water.

In Greater Copenhagen one of the most promising heat sources is cleansed sewage water, due to its fairly large energy potential and sufficient temperatures all year round. The sewage heat pump project intends to test plate heat exchangers as a cheaper and more energy efficient technology, but this requires solving the fouling problem, which cannot use the solution applied with shell and tube heat exchangers, that are already successfully in use today.

The district heating companies HOFOR, CTR and VEKS are about to start the construction phase for a sea-and sewage based heat pump expected to be in operation in late 2018. The heat pump design has been developed by the project partners, consisting of research institutions, industrial suppliers and district heating companies. The demonstration project is supported by the Danish Energy Agency’s program for technology development: EUDP.

Master student assignment

DTU and the project partners are looking for a DTU student or student pair from the Master programs “Sustainable Energy” or “Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics” with a background in thermodynamics and numerical modelling, who will conduct their thesis during the term January to June 2018. The student(s) will be required to look into the following matters in order to give recommendations on how the design and operation of sewage heat exchangers can be optimized:

  • Which factors are key to the development of bio-film?
  • What is best case practices today in terms of avoiding or removing bio-film?
  • Development of a model for simulating fouling and cleansing cycles thus using the model to develop a method to determine a surveillance strategy of the heat exchangers in order to maximize the efficiency and economy of the heat pump.

The main emphasis is requested to be on the development of a model for optimizing the O&M costs of the heat exchanger.

The study could include research on case studies of sewage heat pump facilities as well as related cases from industries dealing with similar issues such as the food or medical industry.

The student will receive feedback from the project partners as well as a thorough introduction to the knowledge and cases gathered on the subject so far.


Send application to Wiebke Brix Markussen ( Deadline is January 22nd 2018.

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Application deadline 22 January 2018

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