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I am a driven and goal-oriented Master’s graduate with a focus on achieving results and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. I have 3 years of international experience with marketing & project management working at Google, B&O Play and as a Global Client Manager at Try-China. My motto is: "Work hard, play hard".

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Opdateret 18. august 2017
Min uddannelse
2014 - 2017


Copenhagen Business School - CBS

Uddannelsesområde: Marketing & Business
Periode: januar 2014 - februar 2017
2011 - 2014

BA i International Business

Copenhagen Business School - CBS

Uddannelsesområde: Marketing & Business
Periode: september 2011 - juli 2014
Min erhvervserfaring
2017 - 2017

Marketing Manager

Dare to Eat

• Responsible for trade marketing of 5000 Dare Squares in 60 Irma stores across Denmark
• Planned, filmed and executed a successful FMCG Kickstarter earning over 120.000 DKK
• Manager of social media with a focus on creating awareness resulting in +1000 page likes
Arbejdsområde: Marketing & Reklame
Periode: marts 2017 - august 2017
2014 - 2017


A/B Ørstedhus

• Led a facade renovation project of the entire building with a budget of 4 000 000 DKK
• Head of IT with focus on establishing high-speed internet via optical fiber in all apartments
• Administers internal Facebook group and email, daily answering inquiries from residents
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: juni 2014 - august 2017
2016 - 2017

Market Researcher


• Researched the impact of influencer marketing on B&O Play's line-up of portable speakers
• Held focus groups to study sources of influence and consumer trends in the UCP segment
• Conducted data analysis based on quantitative data to statistically test the validity of hypotheses
Arbejdsområde: Forskning & Udvikling
Periode: maj 2016 - februar 2017
2016 - 2016

Customer Success Assistant


• Optimized brand awareness and online sales via SoMe, MailChimp, AdWords and SEO
• Managed customer and client relationships via Zendesk achieving a satisfaction rate of 95 %
Arbejdsområde: Kommunikation & Media
Periode: september 2016 - september 2016
2011 - 2016

Online Media Consultant


• Administered social media coverage including Facebook posts, events and tournaments
• Digitized schoolbooks and integrated e-learning modules into an online platform
Arbejdsområde: Internet & Multimedia
Periode: maj 2011 - august 2016
2015 - 2016

Press Officer

Party like Gatsby

• Planned a successful omnichannel media strategy which attracted over 3000 guests
• Segmented potential clients and created a targeted Facebook advertising campaign
• Contacted various publishers including: Berlingske, Politiken, MX and AOK
Arbejdsområde: Kommunikation & Media
Periode: oktober 2015 - februar 2016
2014 - 2014

Team Leader


• Lead a team of 6 specialists and planned the collection of 500 000 samples of speech data
• Speech data rate of recognition was 88%, the highest ever obtained at Google worldwide
• Recruited candidates via specific targeting through Google AdWords & Google Analytics
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: januar 2014 - juli 2014
2012 - 2014

Global Client Manager


• Head of client acquisition in schools and universities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
• International organizing of employees in Denmark, China, Sweden and the Netherlands
• Planning and execution of marketing in schools and universities in Denmark
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: juni 2012 - juni 2014
2007 - 2010

Student Worker

Roskilde Gymnasium

• Handled the registration of books via management systems: Integra and BOSS
Arbejdsområde: Administration
Periode: marts 2007 - august 2010
2008 - 2008

IT Support

Henning Larsen Architects

• Reconfigured and updated the majority of the workstations in the studio
Arbejdsområde: IT - Hardware
Periode: januar 2008 - september 2008
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crm data analysis direct marketing google ad-words google analytics market research marketing marketing law process optimization statistics strategic marketing
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Fuldtidsjob Graduate/trainee Iværksætterprojekt Vikariat
Administration Data & analyse Internet & Multimedia Kommunikation & Media Marketing & Reklame Organisation & Forening Projektledelse Salg Økonomi & Forvaltning
30.000 DKK / måned
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